Our Story

GiiNii (pronounced “genie” like the magical friend in the lamp) was founded with the vision to make technology and innovation accessible to everyone. GiiNii believes that technology should be easy to use, within reach, and most importantly add value to your life, which is why GiiNii strives to bring you new innovations that are relevant, meaningful and enriching. The journey began with the launch of GiiNii’s first digital picture frames in 2007. With a seasoned management team, GiiNii quickly gained mass recognition and a large consumer base. In 2009, GiiNii took over as the number one maker of digital photo frames, with over millions of frames sold all over the globe. High expectations and overwhelming support motivated the company to experiment with many other categories. With the successful launch of their portable scanner line in 2010, GiiNii continues to move forward and expand using groundbreaking technology to bring new cutting-edge products to the marketplace. With lots of cool, breakthrough ideas cooking in the kitchen, GiiNii works around the clock to bring to the market new products that really make a difference in your daily lives. Stay tuned!

Our people and strategic partners make it possible for us to deliver “The Next New for Everyone”. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We have a unique technology advantage: access to the broadest range of technology developments, critical roadmaps, pricing.

  2. We listen to consumers and have a better understanding of needs and desires for products that can improve their daily lives.

  3. We design, engineer, procure components and oversee assembly to create the right products at the right price.

  4. We support our products with the industry’s most comprehensive customer service including on-line video tutorials, live webinars, and in-person telephone support seven days a week.

GiiNii Corporate Principles

GiiNii is committed to creating innovative products while ensuring that all activities surrounding our business are handled responsibly. We aim to reduce any negative impact socially and environmentally. As we following strict industrial compliance measures, we will continue to evaluate and develop corporate policy on social, ethical and environmental actions to ensure the effectiveness of such measures.


GiiNii Tech Corporation - 2160 Lundy Ave. - Suite 210 - San Jose, CA 95131 - 1 (866) 909-3550

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