Big sound, small package.

Brace yourself for BlϋCan, a portable Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone that transforms solid surfaces into a 360 degree speaker. BlϋCan (pronounced Blue Can) utilizes Vibration Resonance Technology to transfer sound waves to flat surfaces, creating bass and mids that normally require a separate subwoofer or stereo speaker. Place BlϋCan on any surface like a desk, countertop or a sliding patio glass door to deliver powerful and lifelike performance.

On glass                                On tabletop                                Wall Mountable

Listen – and talk – from countless devices

BlϋCan seamlessly pairs with Bluetooth enabled devices, and provides a rich sound experience. Kick out the jams, call an old friend or loved one, watch a movie on the go, or Skype with friends from a convenient and compact speaker.

The perfect travel companion

BluCan is substantially smaller than a can of soup. So, you finally can have a travel speaker that you not only can’t leave home without, but also won’t take up too much space in your briefcase. Listen to movies or music on the go or use the integrated speakerphone for calls.

Power at your fingertips

Is your phone charging across the room? No problem. BlüCan controls play, pause, track,

volume, answer, and hangs up calls – wirelessly.


  1. Bluetooth: Version 2.1

  2. Range: Up to 10 Meters

  3. Battery: Lithium battery, up to ten hours

  4. Weight: 9.6 oz.

  5. Speaker Output power: 10W Vibration Resonance Technology (VRT)

  6. Frequency range: 40Hz-20KHz

  7. Audio input: Bluetooth, USB, or 3.5MM (headphone jack)



BlϋCan Bluetooth Vibration Speaker and Speakerphone (Patent Pending)


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