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Why do I hear static coming from the speakers?

There may be interference between the devices. Move the music source closer to the BlüCan, remove an obstacles to clear air space, and eliminate other wireless products in proximity.

How do I clean the adhesive base?

Turn off BlüCan, then use a lightly damped miro fiber towel to clean he area carefully. Avoid any liquid contact with any electronic components.

What can I use BlüCan with?

Any audio device compatible with Bluetooth or 3.5mm auxiliary port (headphone jack). This list may incude HDTV, smart phones, tablets, notebooks, PC and more! Refer to the product’s user manual for details.

How do I get more sound out of BlüCan

Put BlüCan anywhere in the house to find your preferred resonance surface. Our favorites are glass, wooden desk and filing cabinets. Twist and extend the top tweeter for a bigger sound.

Can I connect multiple devices at once?

Bluetooth connectivity allows BlüCan to be paired with multiple devices. However, only one source can be played at any given time.

What is the warranty for this model?

BlüCan comes with a standard one year warranty.

My question is not answered, what can I do?

Please call us, toll free at 1-866-909-3550 for trouble shooting and warranty services. Please have the receipt information handy.

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