DashCam FAQs

-Is the DashCam ready to use immediately?

Yes, just simply connect to power, insert a Class 6 or above Micro SDHC (up to 32GB capacity). Adjust the date and time manually and you are good to go.

-How do I set date and time on the device?

Go to menu to select Date/Time and press ok when done.

-My Dashcam is warm to touch, is that normal?

Yes, the operation temperature is normally high, but the device can hold up to 158 degree Fahrenheit.   So please don’t worry and be cool.

-How long is recording time?

Depends on the capacity of the Micro SD you are using, normally a 8 minute 1080P full HD video will take up 1GB of storage space. Please find the chart below:

-Why is the power cord so long?

We provided a 12 foot power cable in order to hide the wires on the side of your windshield, please see below installation suggestion, but please also check with the local DMV State Guidelines to find the appropriate place to locate our DashCam.

-Which video player should I use for playing my video?

You can use most of the default video players such as “Quick Time Viewer”, “Windows Media Player”…etc.

-My device will not overwrite the Micro SD and is showing memory full

In that case, it might because of the G-sensor has locked most of the videos and the memory space is not enough for recording. Please take out the Micro SD and download the videos needed and simply format the Micro SD when done.

-How do I format the Micro SD?

Go to Menu function and select “Format” and then Select “SD Card”, the format will be done momentarily.

-May I use DashCam as an outdoor Action Cam?

We are not suggesting to do so, since the purpose of the device is to keep you safe on the road, it should be easy and calm hanging on your dashboard, plus the DashCam has the G-sensor function, it will easily lock all of the videos when you are doing outdoor activities.

-Does the DashCam start recording automatically right after I turn on my vehicle?

Yes sir, When the vehicle starts up, the Auto Record feature starts automatically and the Dash Cam starts recording.

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