A Digital Drop Box for Your Photos!

GiiNii, the number one maker of digital picture frames, is synonymous with new innovations, reliable quality, and a passion for design. Most of our Digital Picture Frames are intuitive, easy to use and ENERGY STAR® qualified, boasting one of the best energy consumption rates in the business. With over one million digital picture frames sold, we continue to incorporate technical advances with an eco-friendly message while bringing your photos to life!

Aesthetically Designed for Any Décor   

Our frame designers – aka dedicated shopaholics- have personally selected the materials, designs, and colors with the greatest care to enable you to create the right atmosphere in your home. Your most cherished memories will look phenomenal on our attractive frames.  A photo may be worth a thousand words but a lifetime of photos is infinite!

Intuitive Easy-to-Use Navigation

Thanks to Plug-and-Play simplicity, sharing your pictures is as easy as popping in a memory card. Our intuitive three button control makes it easy to navigate and access unique features such as scrapbooking, album creation, and clock skins. Sharing your photos on GiiNii’s attractive frames is simple and makes remembering unforgettable moments a glance away.

Play videos and music with your slideshows

Our picture frames that play videos and music are the most advanced on the market today. We call this True Video because they are MPEG4 and AVC/H.264 video enabled. You can plug a Flip® non-HD camcorder right in to a GiiNii picture frame and it will start playing. (Most other picture frames can only play the most basic motion-jpeg type videos.)

Extra! Extra! Full Customization

Every GiiNii digital picture frame comes with pre-installed scrapbook templates that showcase your photos in a variety of different ways. This keeps your photo viewing fresh every time. Personalizing your frame has never been so fun. Create and store photos into albums right on the frame and easily access groups of photos: birthdays, vacations, graduations and more.

A Multipurpose Frame

Digital picture frames can do more than just display those brilliant photos in your homes.  GiiNii frames are a perfect gift and can be further integrated in your daily life in many ways.

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