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HUD main features

  1. 1.Automatically adapts to car models (1996 and beyond), and applies to cars in line with OBD II or EUOBD (onboard automatic diagnostic system). Plug and Play.

  2. 2.3” screen and high-definition display

  3. 3.Multi-color design makes the screen easier to read

  4. 4.The use of nano-technology eliminates unwanted reflections and display

    information in clear detail.

  1. 1.Display rich content: speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage,      

    low voltage alarm, high temperature alarm, speed alarm, able to switch between

    kilometer and mile, and switch between C° and F°.

  1. 1.Auto power on and off with vehicle start and shutdown, effective protection of the car battery.

  2. 2.Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, to reduce glare.

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