Scanner Support


How do I set up the scanner?

1.     Connect the AC adaptor to the wall socket and your scanner

2.    Press and hold the power button

3.    Insert a SD card, facing down, in the memory slot

4.    Insert the photograph in a product sleeve and place it into the feeding guide facing downward.

5.    Press the SCAN button to start the process

How to delete single/all photos

1.    Press the MENU button

2.    Press the down arrow to highlight DELETE and press OK

3.    Select “One” or “All” and press OK

4.    Highlight Cancel or OK and press OK

Why are the scanned images not showing?

Make sure there is an SD card in the card reader and photo is facing down before processing it through the feeder

Can I connect PC directly to my scanner?

You can connect directly to a PC via the mini USB connector

1.    Connect the smaller USB to the frame and the larger side to PC.

2.    Please make sure there is an SD card in the card reader

3.    Your computer will recognize the frame as a “Mass Storage Device” once the connection is made and scanner is         turned on.

4.    You can now make modifications, via PC connection, to edit any photos saved on the SD card

What is the warranty for this model?

All Giinii models come with a standard 90 day warranty


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